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  • Select professors from universities across the country as IDEC participating professors
  • Reinforce the base establishment as a cornerstone for IC design education and core IP R&D with support for each participating professor's laboratory
  • Participating professors produce active research results (dissertations, patents, IP, manpower training) with IDEC support (MPW project, EDA tool support, education program, etc.)
  • Through annual evaluation, the efficiency of resource utilization is maximized by differentially supporting EDA tools according to the evaluation results.
Multi-Project Wafer Program
  • Provide opportunities to experience everything from chip design to manufacturing to realize creative ideas
  • Samsung Electronics, DB Hitek, and other domestic and foreign process chips are supported
  • About 170 types of chip fabrication a year
  • Eligibility: IDEC participating professors
MPW Support Foundries
EDA Tool support
  • State-of-the-art EDA tool support to academic researchers to provide IC design environments
  • Establish and improve the latest research environment by identifying technology trends in the industry and introducing new EDA tools suitable for the design flow
  • By supplying expensive EDA tools used in industries to universities at an affordable price, IDEC constructs a design environment at the level of the workplace to minimize retraining after employment and to produce professionals with practical skills.
  • Over 4,000 copies of EDA Tool license support to universities nationwide
  • Eligibility: IDEC participating professors
EDA Tool vendor
Professional design training program development
  • Systematize basic education in the field of SoC design and development of fostering programs.
  • Provide necessary education to prospective personnel to nurture excellent workforce in a short period of time
EDA Tool Training
  • Training on how to use the latest version of EDA Tool with high utilization.
  • Systematic practical training that can be used right away in the field.
  • Provide opportunities to acquire information on the latest technology trends
  • Invite excellent foreign and domestic industrial, academic, and research experts to discuss trends in the technology field, and provide opportunities to learn know-how from experts.
Lecture materials
  • Available to download lecture materials for free under the instructors’ consent
  • Various lecture materials and VoD lectures are provided free of charge in addition to the lecture materials of the lectures opened by IDEC through the website
Exchange and cooperation
Chip Design Contest
  • Exhibits and awards the results of manufactured chips through MPW program to exchange expertise and inspire research enthusiasm to promote competitiveness and technological improvement in the domestic semiconductor design field.
  • Chip Design Contests are held three times a year (Korea Semiconductor Conference CDC, IDEC Congress CDC, ISOCC CDC)
IDEC Newsletter
  • Published monthly for the purpose of delivering knowledge and information
  • Share technology trends such as semiconductor information and current status
  • Promote maximization of IDEC business effect through PR
  • Lead the direction and method of semiconductor design related technology
  • Contribute to fostering system semiconductor design personnel and developing the semiconductor industry by providing information on preliminary design personnel and establishing infrastructure as educational materials
JICAS (Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems)
  • Archive research results on IC design and implementation methods by collecting excellent results of chips manufactured through MPW support
  • Share design research performance and contribute to strengthening competitiveness
  • Online submission and publication through the Open Journal System (OJS) (quarterly)
  • JICAS website: http://jicas.idec.or.kr