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About IDEC

The IC Design Education Center (IDEC) was established in 1995 with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (currently the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) and semiconductor companies (Samsung Electronics, formerly known as Hyundai Electronics, and LG Semiconductor). Our mission is to enhance national competitiveness in the non-memory field, which has a weak industrial base, by providing support and education for research labs at universities across the country to foster IC design engineers.

Our mission in action
  • Provide IC design environment and practical training
  • State-of-the-art EDA tool support to set up System IC design environment
  • Offer active education in line with the trend
  • Establish a systematic and multifaceted information network for rapid information acquisition
  • Encourage the development of patents and IPs with high value
What is System Semiconductor?

A semiconductor that controls and operates an electronic device system by integrating individual semiconductors such as memory, processor, and software into one.
System semiconductors are difficult to develop as a system that integrates various electronic control technologies into one, however have the advantage of being able to configure functions or control methods to suit the needs or circumstances
It is also called a non-memory semiconductor in that it is distinguished from a memory semiconductor that stores and reads information in the field of semiconductors.
System semiconductors are in charge of core functions such as calculation and multimedia functions, and are entering not only electronic products but also electronic control functions such as automobiles and heavy industries, and are growing at an annual rate of 6-15%.